LovE em' Or HatE em' they aRe hEre to sTaY.

MaRilYn ManSon is a popular alternative rock band. Which consists of :

maRilYn MaNson ~ vocaLs

TwIgGy rAmiRez ~ bass

GiNgeR fiSh ~ druMS

jOhN 5 ~ guiTar

MaDoNna Wayne Gacy ~ keyboArDs

The band started in 1989, in Ft.Lauderdale Florida, when Marilyn Manson met up with Daisy Berkowitz, together they started Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. the original line up for the band included Marilyn (vocals), Daisy (lead guitar), Olivia Newton Bundy (bass), Zsa Zsa Speck (keyboards), and a drum machine.

Soon Olivia and zsa Zsa depart, and are replaced by Madonna wayne Gacy (keyboards), and Gidget Gein (bass). You can see Olvia's new band "Nation of Fear" on my link page. Sometime between 1989 & 1990 Marilyn Manson meets up With Trent Reznor, while NIN is touring in Florida. The two became friends and kept in contact over the next few years.

Soon Sara lee Lucas (drummer)joins the band replacing the drum machine. The spooky kids were know for their great stage antics, and props such as a lite-brite toy, and Madonna Wayne Gacy's set up on stage "Pogo's Playhouse". One of their on stage antics was throwing peanut and jelly sandwhiches in the audience. The band was finally getting noticed and started producing their own cassettes and flyers, and soon they were on their way.

Aug. 1, 1992 marks the last show of for the spooky kids, before converting their name to just Marilyn Manson. The band one many awards and nominations by South Florida's rock awards including "Band of the year" and "Best hard alternative rock band". The summer of 93' Trent reznor launched his Nothing record label, and Marilyn Manson was the 1st band Trent signed. Then the band headed to studios to record "Portrait of an American family", which trent was executive producer of. Soon after the recording Manson's friend Twiggy Ramirez (bass) replaces Gidgeit Gein former bassist.

In 94' Marilyn Manson join NIN on their Self Destructive tour. POAAF was realesed through nothing records. Gidgeit plays all the bass on the album, before leaving the group. Twiggy Ramirez's half brother is the child on the sleeve of the cd. Rumors travel everywhere about the band, including they famous chicken incident. Also 94' Manson also met up with Dr.Anton LaVey, it's here that manson gets ordained into the church of satan and takes the title of Reverend Marilyn Manson.

In 95' Marilyn Manson begins touring to support POAAF. On March 10, 1995 Marilyn sets Sarah lee Lucas drums on fire while he was playing, the next day he quits the band and is replaced by Ginger Fish.

In 1996, the EP "Smells like children", which is also co-produced by Trent, is released in september. The recording of "Antichrist Superstar" also takes place during 95'. Daisy berkowitz leaves during the recording of Antichrist Superstar. Daisy Berkowitz's new band "Three Ton Gate" can also be acessed through the link page. Marilyn Manson auditions many guitarists and deceides on Zim Zum, who makes his 1st appearance in Manson's "beautiful people" video. Soon Marilyn Manson goes on their "Dead to the World" tour, and on Oct.8, 1996 "Antichrist Superstar" is officially released. The band tours, and finally 97' welcomes the band with not so open arms. dead to the world stirred up many religious groups which did not make things easier for Marilyn Manson. The band went on has recorded some soundtracks including "Howard Stern's :Private Parts" and David Lynch's "Lost Highway". Twiggy and Marilyn even have a brief part in the film "Lost Highway". The band even toured with Ozzy Osbourne at Ozzfest 97'.

Now in 98' Manson has released "Repent and Remix" showing some very new sounds, and "The Long hard Road out of Hell" Marilyn's autobiography. Most recently released September 15th 1998 is Marilyn Manson's new album "Mechanical Animals" that contains a new sound for the band..... the lyrics are filled with love, drugs, and emptiness. Disappointing some fans with the album and gaining new ones in the process I would have to say that this was one of Marilyn Manson's most creative albums yet. The cover shows an alien Marilyn with breasts thus setting the controversy with music stores who have refused to carry the album due to its content.

1999, has opened many doors for Manson, and they went on tour with Hole... the "Beautiful Monsters" however did not stay together on the tour.... There was some arguments, and Hole decided to leave the tour due to the fact that not many Hole fans were showing up like they expected. Hole was replaced ironically with Scott Mitchell's band "Jack off Jill" surprisingly the bands do not carry a grudge due to the lawsuits against Marilyn Manson by Scott. The band also toured with "Monster Magnet" who are friends of the band. The show consists of glitter and lights, and a cube light system that spells out "DRUGS" ... Marilyn plays a few songs from the new album but the biggest source of the music is from "Antichrist Superstar" .. and some from "Portrait of an American Family". Marilyn manson as always put on a good show... What does the future hold for the band? only time will tell...

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